Advanced Performance (Gifted and Talented)

The Advanced Performance programme is intended to stretch, challenge and enrich the learning of our most able pupils. These pupils are identified using baseline testing (entrance test, Yellis and Alis) and faculty nominations as a result of on-going assessment and progress made in lessons. This is to ensure a much more inclusive system and one that caters for young people whose intellectual development is not necessarily linear. As with all our pupils, our abler are set target grades based on their baseline test results, and progress towards meeting these is assessed through regular data collection points throughout the year. If pupils are not on track they will be mentored or given 1:1 support to be so, and for those who need further challenge target grades are adjusted and replaced by aspirational grades. At all stages, pupils are encouraged to exceed externally set expectations. 

Advanced Performance is coordinated and monitored by an experienced Lead Teacher. He liaises with Heads of Faculty and ensures that each faculty has its own subject-specific policy for Advanced Performance, is aware of each pupil’s individual strength(s), and regularly reviews its performance in meeting the needs of this important cohort of pupils.

Differentiation occurs in all lessons, even within groups which are taught in sets, to ensure that work is pitched at an appropriately high level to cater for individual needs and interests, and all teachers’ incorporate Bloom’s taxonomy of higher level thinking into their teaching. Schemes of learning include sections on stretch and challenge, accelerated courses are offered where appropriate, and quality assurance is rigorously maintained to a high standard through lesson observations, learning walks, scrutiny of pupil work and thorough analysis of examination results.

Enrichment across all Key Stages is a key aspect of our Advanced Performance programme and nurturing a love of learning is, we feel, of paramount importance. Hence, each faculty offers at least one in-depth faculty challenge session which gives groups of pupils a chance to experience a unique opportunity for learning outside the normal parameters of the curriculum. This is a chance to foster a love of learning without constraint and to encourage independent learning outside of school. An extensive variety of activities are also available to pupils:

  • Enquiring Minds
  • Digital Leaders
  • Budding Authors
  • CASA’ (Collegiate Aeronautical and Space Administration)
  • Collegiate Chorus
  • Cantamus Choir
  • Orchestra String Quartets
  • Wider activities include Amnesty International, Team Uganda, and Saffi Coffee. 

An annual trip to a programme of lectures given by Academy Conferences is offered, and Year 11 pupils who are aspiring for Oxbridge entry are encouraged to set their sights high via the annual ‘Aim High’ trip to the University of Cambridge in May during which pupils get a chance to meet an Admissions Tutor, tour a College and experience the atmosphere of this famous university city.  

Reading lists are available in our Independent Learning Centre to prepare pupils for Oxbridge entry and to develop an appreciation and understanding of philosophy and ethics at various levels. 

The school offers Year 5 and 6 Advanced Performance Enrichment Days each year for pupils from local primary schools, with our experienced staff offering a wide range of challenging activities.

Pupils’ success is celebrated through the publishing of work in ‘Aspire!’ showcasing a range of pupils work across all key stages and areas of the curriculum. 

Finally, we do not believe in exclusivity. If pupils have a gift or talent, we shall identify it and nurture it. With hard work and the support of a dedicated staff, we do believe that there is ‘room at the top’ for all those pupils with the potential and commitment to strive for the very best.

For more information contact Mr G R Stephenson, Lead Teacher for Advanced Performance Email: