Mr S D Pearce BSc Portsmouth, PGCE, CBiol, M Inst Biol (Head of Department); Dr E R Kebbell BSc Warwick, PhD East Anglia, PGCE

Examination Body: AQA 

A Level Biology is challenging, exciting, interesting and relevant; it is a popular subject in the Sixth Form. Biology is the study of life. It encompasses the study of organisms, from the smallest viruses through to human beings. A Level Biology provides an understanding of a variety of biological processes, from the large scale magnificent ecological relationships in a habitat to the function and structure of biological molecules, such as DNA.

The A Level Biology course aims to build on your understanding of the subject achieved at GCSE and to equip you with the skills and understanding required not only to succeed at A Level, but also to follow a scientific or medical degree at university.

Entry Requirements

GCSE Biology or Double Award Sciences with a minimum B grade is required. If you achieve the minimum standard, you must accept that consistent hard work is essential for success.

Delivery and Assessment

The course offered is linear, so there are no modules and all examinations are taken at the end of the course. It is anticipated that most pupils will follow the full two-year course leading to the award of GCE Advanced Level Biology.