Curricular Support


All new entrants to the Senior School, including all of Year 7, are routinely screened for indicators of dyslexia; with parental permission.

Pupils with dyslexia are offered specialist literacy tuition in the Senior School. At KS3 these pupils are withdrawn from curriculum subject and at KS4, the pupils attend support lessons during an activity session each week. They are taught by qualified specialist teachers and lessons are based on the Dyslexia Institute Literacy Programme which is structured, cumulative and involves multi-sensory teaching methods.

Pupils at Key Stage 4 have generally completed a literacy programme when they were younger and support is offered in the way of ‘drop in’ sessions to help with organisation, revision techniques or essay planning.

Each pupil who is withdrawn for support has an Individual Teaching Plan and their progress is monitored twice a year using standardised tests. Given the appropriate support, most of our dyslexic pupils develop strategies to help them overcome their difficulties and to achieve well.