Design Technology for Advanced Performance Pupils

At Hull Collegiate School teachers have high expectations of all pupils, including those who are very talented in Design and Technology, and consequently provide opportunities for all pupils to develop and apply their particular capabilities. Teachers provide experiences that encourage pupils to think creatively, to explore and develop new ideas, and to try different approaches to their learning. However, it is an expectation that the most talented pupils should be working at a level that will allow them to develop their knowledge and skills beyond those of the rest of their class although this cohort of pupils are also encouraged to cascade their skills and build their self-esteem via interaction with their peers. They are encouraged to work with a greater degree of independence, at a faster pace and on a more challenging interpretation of their projects.

The engagement of talented pupils with the planned work of the class may require special management and 1:1 support / tutoring, and pupils in KS3 and KS4 have access to activity sessions on a lunchtime to channel their abilities and to receive further guidance or challenge. Sixth form pupils have open access to Design and Technology facilities during their free periods. The school is now working with the Arkwright scholarship programme to encourage the most able pupils into the Science, Mathematics and Engineering careers. Design and Technology visits this year include Jaguar and Morgan car factories and a study visit to Berlin.