This exciting and challenging course offers GCSE pupils an opportunity to learn, develop and practise a variety of techniques and theories that help to create successful theatre, whilst developing transferable skills that will be useful in all subjects and eventually in the workplace.

Pupils will be exposed to a wide range of theatre experiences which will be approached from a performance perspective. With a strong practical element, the course introduces pupils to a wide variety of drama and theatre skills including:

  •  performance and presentation skills
  •  rehearsal techniques and positive teamwork
  •  improvisation
  •  script work
  •  devising techniques and problem solving
  •  performance evaluation
  •  creative thinking
  •  technical elements.

The course is assessed through Practical Coursework (60%) and Examination (40%)

The practical coursework is centred around the creation of two separate production performances and the examination is an externally set and marked written component that comprises three sections:

1. practical work completed during the course

2. study and performance of a scripted play

3. study of a live theatre production seen.


This course will encourage pupils to develop:

  • an understanding of, and response to, a range of play texts, and an appreciation of the ways in which playwrights achieve their effects and communicate their intentions to an audience
  • an awareness of social, historical and cultural contexts and influences, through an investigation of plays and other forms of dramatic representation
  • increased self and group awareness and the ability to appreciate and evaluate their own work and the work of others
  • creativity, self-confidence, imagination, concentration, self-discipline and communication.


This course does not just create experienced confident performers, it also equips pupils with a wide range of invaluable transferable skills that can be used in all presentation and communication work outside the drama classroom