It has become increasingly important for pupils applying to Further and Higher Education, or employment, to have additional proven expertise and experience. Consequently, we encourage Sixth Formers to develop other interests and abilities. We offer activities designed to build confidence, encourage teamwork and develop leadership skills.

Our wide range of extra-curricular activities include sport, drama, music and Young Enterprise. We also encourage Sixth Formers to undertake some voluntary work, in an area relevant to their future career plans. Extracurricular trips on offer may include Language trips, Geography field trips and History trips to Europe, Business Study trips, World Challenge Expeditions, as well as a wide range of sports based tours.

Taking Responsibility

We expect our Sixth Formers to set an example to younger pupils in the school and support staff by doing duties and volunteering for various tasks.  

A number volunteer to help in the Prep School on a weekly basis. Pupils studying Spanish and French run a weekly Foreign Languages Club for Year 5 and Year 6 pupils. Sixth Form pupils additionally help out in KS1 classrooms to help with one-to-one reading activities.  

A Sixth Form Council comprising of form representatives meets fortnightly to discuss issues of concern and put forward suggestions. When this aspect of Sixth Form life is approached positively, pupils find that they are treated very much as adults and enjoy excellent relationships with staff. 


It is a big step from Year 6 to Year 7 and a selection of our Sixth Form pupils are specifically responsible for mentoring Year 7 pupils. Sometimes it is easier to confide in a fellow pupil and issues can be discussed and addressed using the maturity and sensibility of Year 12 pupils in a more relaxed peer group environment. Mentoring training programmes take place at the start of Year 12 and are conducted by the Assistant Principal (Pastoral).  

Social Club

The Sixth Form years are more than just A Levels. Whilst academic matters must always take priority, our pupils organise and enjoy a lively social calendar including the Sixth Form Induction Day, a Christmas Party known as the “Sixth Day of Christmas”, various theatre trips, lower school discos, rock concerts, field trips, paintballing and last, but not least, the spectacular Leavers’ Ball.


In addition, we support our pupils in competitions in equestrian. Pupils are welcome to join our equestrian team from the age of 8 years and upwards. The team is run by a fully qualified instructor and parents. Hull Collegiate School is a registered member of the NSEA (National School Equestrian Association). Pupils compete at various equestrian disciplines – Showjumping, Dressage and Eventing at prestigious inter-school equestrian competitions throughout the country.