Scholarships and Fee Assistance


Each year we are proud to award a limited number of Music,  Art, Drama and Sport scholarships to pupils who are capable of extremely high levels of achievement and who we believe will make a significant contribution to the life of the School. 

Awards may vary dependant on an applicant’s performance in the entrance examinations and scholarship interviews/auditions for entry into Years 7.

In addition, scholarships which recognise achievement and potential honorary scholarships (name only) in Art, Drama and Sport may be awarded at the end of Year 7, 9 or upon entry into the Sixth Form.  

Assisted Places

The Church Schools Foundation Assisted Places were introduced when the government decided to withdraw their own scheme in 1998. Assisted Places are awarded on the basis of both academic ability and financial need. The value of the award is calculated on a sliding scale that takes into account the financial position of both parents' income and assets. The maximum award is to the value of 85% of fees. Assisted places may only be awarded to a child entering the school in Year 7, Year 9 or into the Sixth Form and are reviewed annually.

Applications may be obtained from the Registrar.

Sibling Discounts

It is the policy of the United Church Schools Trust that a 5% discount will be given to the first sibling. A 10% discount will be given to the second and subsequent siblings who are enrolled in the school at the same time.

Applied where full fees are paid only.

Emergency Bursaries

Occasionally, parents are unable to continue paying the full fees once their child has started at the school because of unemployment or other circumstances. It may be possible to provide a bursary or other short term support in order for the child to complete that stage of education. Normally, such assistance is provided to those pupils who are preparing for public examinations.

The Hull Collegiate Trust

The Hull Collegiate Trust is an independent education charity (charity no. 1079653) founded in 2000. The Trust provides financial assistance to new and existing pupils of Hull Collegiate School by subsidising the cost of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The Trust is committed to broadening access to Hull Collegiate School and holds the school motto ‘the best in everyone’ at its core.  

Hull Collegiate Trust - Application Form