Geography for Advanced Perfomance Pupils 

A typical feature of lessons is the inclusion of a number of ‘Challenge questions’ provided on worksheets and PowerPoint slides which whilst not aimed solely at high ability pupils nevertheless aim to develop and extend their learning. Such activities often include:

  • Learn it, apply it. Pupils are invited to suggest a novel application to a concept or principle. For example, having discussed regeneration of areas of Hull and East Manchester, pupils were given an image of Northampton town centre, and invited to suggest how they might apply an £18  million regeneration budget
  • Five W’s – pupils are invited to ask (and answer) who what where why when questions based on an image or similar stimulus.
  • Put yourself in the picture. An image which invites pupils to explore their feelings (sights, sounds, smells, emotions etc.) based on an unfamiliar topic – after which pupils are then asked to write a 500 word short story.
  • Multiple intelligence tasks. Pupils are given a number of options to extend their learning based on model making (kinaesthetic learners), cartoon/diagram sequencing (visual learners), a poem, rap or song (auditory learners). This will often involve extending the task for homework.

Classwork and assessments always provide a ‘stretch’ activity, often using GCSE style questions in Years 8 and 9. Early identification, specific seating plans and evaluation of data allows for targeted differentiation.