Senior School Pastoral Stucture

We would ask parents not to use email if you wish to raise any concerns; we would much prefer to talk with you in person and would encourage you to arrange a meeting with a member of our senior leadership team.

Year 7

Mrs A Asbury Dip L.A.M.D.A., B.A., Hull, P.G.C.E.

Year 8

Mrs F E Wells, M.Sc., Hull, B.Sc., Liverpool, P.G.C.E.

Year 9

Mr F S Henderson B.Sc., York St John, G.T.P.

Year 10 

Mrs N Lough M.A., Edinburgh, P.G.C.E. 

Heads of Pre-Sixth & Sixth Form                               

Mrs A Robinson B.A., Nottingham Trent

Mr J W Windeatt B.Sc., Hull, M.A., G.T.P.

Assistant Head (Pastoral)

Mrs K Bloomfield B.A., Hull, P.G.C.E.