History for Advanced Performance Pupils 

All Hull Collegiate pupils are stretched to their highest standard in History lessons.  Pupils are expected to be able to write extended, discursive essays in an academic style from Key Stage 3 onwards.  Pupils have to prioritise causation and then justify their personal perspective on key events, changes and personalities across broad periods of History.   Making links and connections between events is at the core of much of our historical analysis. Open ended tasks such as ‘What makes a hero?’ and ‘Which events in this period are worth remembering?’ encourage pupils to think about historiography and more able pupils enjoy the chance to play devil’s advocate.  Skills which are evident in the new GCSE 9-1 and A Level syllabi have been fed down into the lower years to give pupils the opportunity to examine how historical representations are made and how different people and events can be interpreted in alternative ways by contemporaries and historians.  Source evaluation and analysis at all levels requires that pupils can identify and explain bias.  It often requires an appreciation of satire and irony which more able pupils revel in.  Optional homework and complementary research projects are given to all pupils, with the more able being the most likely candidates to complete them. 

In Year 7 we run a joint Humanities trip to York Minster and Hull History Centre. In Year 8, we take pupils to the Royal Armouries in Leeds. In Year 9, pupils have the opportunity to travel to France and Belgium to visit the battlefields and cemeteries of the First World War. We ask more able pupils to think about how Britain chooses to memorialise our fallen soldiers, and compare that with other country’s memorials.  A joint Year 12/13 residential trip to Berlin and Krakow, asks pupils to consider the politics of the Cold War.  The inclusive visit to Auschwitz allows pupils to reflect on the challenges of studying the Holocaust, and the prevention of genocide in the modern world. We encourage our pupils to be bold, thoughtful, and have their opinions rooted in factual evidence.  Many of our pupils choose to continue with their study of History at degree level and in recent years pupils have left us for Durham, Sheffield, York, Hull, Bristol, Warwick and Exeter Universities.  We ask our alumni to return in Trinity term and pass on their experiences of undergraduate History to their successors.