In preparation for entering Year 10, you must select some of the subjects you are going to study up to GCSE standard. You will then follow a two-year course in these subjects, leading to GCSE examinations in May/June of Year 11. To allow sufficient time in each subject for you to reach the required standard, it will be necessary for you to follow fewer subjects than you are studying now. Everyone will study:

  • English
  • English Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Science (counts as two or three subjects)
  • Plus four other choices from this brochure.

All pupils will follow a 3-Science course; i.e. each pupil will study Physics, Chemistry and Biology just as in Key Stage 3, and will continue to be taught by subject specialists. The course will lead to the award three GCSE grades (Biology, Chemistry and Physics). In addition, everyone will have PE/Games lessons and follow a PSCHE course delivered on dedicated days throughout the year. This will cover self-awareness, health and sex education, relationships and responsibilities.

Bear in mind that this is not necessarily a final choice and may be changed because:

a) subject teachers or your Head of Year consider one or more of your choices unsuitable and advise you to reconsider.

b) the combination of subjects you have chosen is unsuitable in view of your career aspirations and/or ability.

c) the final option groups do not allow your combination of choices. Any changes that do occur will be made only after consultation with you and your parents.

Making your Choice

Generally, in making your choice you should choose:

a) the subjects you are good at

b) the subjects you enjoy and are therefore prepared to work hard at, even if you find them difficult

c) the subjects that may be relevant to your future career, if known.

However, you need to be aware that in order to qualify for the EBacc qualification, your choices should include a language and either Geography or History. This is because the current requirement is for Grades A-C passes in English, Maths, Science, Modern Foreign Languages and a Humanity (Geography or History).