Prep School Teaching Staff

Head of Prep School

Mrs Antje Kell B.Sc., Liverpool, Q.T.S., S.L.E.

Assistant Head of Prep (Teaching and Learning)

Mr D Whitfield, B.A., Hull

Assistant Head of Prep (Curriculum)

Mrs S Stokes, B.A., Liverpool Hope

Foundation Stage Coordinator

Mrs J Maltby B.Ed., Leeds

Key Stage 1 Coordinator (Prep School Lead - Assessment and Reporting)

Mrs J Hamilton BA Hull QTS

Year 3/4 Phase Leader

Mr A North BA MSc PGCE Hull University 


Mr M Dyson B.A., Staffordshire, OCN Level 3 Forest School Leadership and Management

Mrs J Maltby B.Ed., Leeds

Year 1

Mrs J Hamilton B.A., Hull, Q.T.S.; Mrs J Maltby B.Ed., Leeds

Miss H Rowley B.A., Uni. College Worcester, P.G.C.E.

Year 2

Miss H Taylor B.A., York St John

Mrs H Silk B.A., Hull, Q.T.S.

Year 3

Mrs Crossland B.A., Nottingham, M.A. Hull

Mrs T Malthouse B.Ed., Sheffield Hallam

Year 4

Mr A North B.A., St Pauls, M.Sc., P.G.C.E.

Mr A Sandilands B.A., Leeds, P.G.C.E. York St John

Year 5

Mr D Whitfield B.A., Hull

Mrs K Dent

Year 6

Mrs S Maynard B.Ed., Leeds

Y5/6 Phase Leader

Mrs S Stokes B.A., Liverpool Hope

Special Educational Needs

Mrs A Manton B.Sc., Hull, P.G.C.E., Diploma in SpLD (Dyslexia)

Cover Teachers

Mrs S Wealsby Q.T.S.

Mrs S Welpton

Nursery Staff

Mrs T Escreet, B.A., East Anglia, P.G.C.E.  Nursery Teacher

Mrs J Taylor D.P.P. Level 3  Deputy Nursery Manager

Mrs C Hardy, B.A., Education and Early Years  Nursery Nurse

Mrs K Rogers, B.A., N.N.E.B. Nursery Nurse

Miss D Porter Deputy  Nursery Manager

Mrs A Haworth N.N.E.B. Nursery Nurse

Mrs S Wealsby  Nursery Nurse

Mrs S Douthwaite  Nursery Nurse

Mrs N Sultan  Nursery Nurse

Support Staff 

Mrs K Windeatt - Afternoon Assistant

Mrs K Daniel Dip Pre-School Practice Level 3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Lind - Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Fairhead Dip. Pre-School Practice Level 3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Dartnall Teaching Assistant

Mrs T Vaux 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Miss L Ballard N.N.E.B. Teaching Assistant; Deputy Morning Manager

Miss A Waller  -  After School Care Manager

Mrs E Wright - After School Care

Mrs S Hackett - Teaching Assistant

Peripatetic Music Teachers

Mr C Brown (Guitar, Bass)

Mrs R Dixon, M.Mus., B.A., Lancaster, L.R.S.M. (Clarinet/Saxophone/Flute)

Ms L Featherston, B.A., Royal Northern College of Music (Lower Strings)

Mr A W Fountain, B.Mus., Hull (Piano)

Mr G Oglesby, A.B.S.M. (Brass)

Mrs H Penny B.Mus., (Violin/Viola)

Ms M-A Robertson, G.B.S.M., A.B.S.M., PG Mont.Dip (Piano)

Mr A Drever-Smith, B. Mus., (Percussion/Drum Kit)

Ms R Dent, B.Mus, Royal Northern College of Music (Harp/Piano/Singing)

Mr J Bridges (Singing)