Latin for Advanced Performance Pupils

Pupils of high ability in this subject may be challenged in various ways. If they are sufficiently  self-motivated they are often encouraged to take exams one year or two years early by working with the teacher in lunchbreaks or after school and by undertaking extra work on their own.

This has in the past meant that a pupil may take GCSE-level Latin in year 9 or 10 and then has the opportunity to take a GCSE in a different subject in the subsequent years. On rare occasions it has meant that a pupil can take AS-level Latin in Year 10 and later pursue an extra A-level subject. Pupils who exhaust the resources available at GCSE are encouraged to begin working at AS-level even if their intention is not to take the AS-level.

Translation of English into Latin is not required even at A-level but older (and occasionally younger) pupils may be given this type of work since it demands a sound understanding of Latin grammar and sentence-structure and provides a very interesting challenge. Pupils are always given information about attending a summer school in Latin and this activity has been taken up on several occasions in recent years.

Our textbook, the Cambridge Latin Course, is accompanied by a website which provides many interactive exercises involving translation, grammar or vocabulary tests; there are also research opportunities on the background topics studied, and enthusiastic pupils are encouraged to use this website as part of their study.