Latin for Advanced Performance Pupils

Pupils of high ability in this subject may be challenged in various ways. Pupils in KS3 may work independently if their Latin is at a level considerably ahead of their peers, in which case regular tutorials are put in place.  They may also be encouraged to conduct research into the various historical aspects of the course and, in cases of a particular area of interest, might be given lesson time to teach their peers.  In a bid to begin preparing KS3 pupils for GCSE, there are a number of options with regard to Latin literature study and analysis.  Across all Key Stages, background reading is actively encouraged both as a means of building context for their studies and simply engaging interest.  Advanced performance pupils have also devised resources (comprehension questions, games etc.) to challenge their peers. 

Translation of English into Latin is not required even at A-level but some pupils may be given this type of work since it demands a very sound understanding of Latin grammar and sentence structure and provides a very interesting challenge.  Pupils are always given information about attending a summer school in Latin and this activity has been taken up on several occasions in recent years.

Our textbook, the Cambridge Latin Course, is accompanied by a website which provides many interactive exercises involving translation, grammar or vocabulary tests; there are also research opportunities on the background topics studies, and enthusiastic pupils are encouraged to use this website as part of their study.