Mathematics for Advanced Performance Pupils 

All pupils are stretched to the highest standards in Mathematics. Pupils are set from entry with each set following its own scheme of learning. Extension tasks and open-ended questions are regularly set during lessons to make pupils think “outside the box” and extend theories.

Throughout all of Key Stage 3 the pupils have the chance to pick G&T Maths as an activity. This involves pupils thinking outside the curriculum and extending their knowledge and love of the subject.

All pupils are entered for their GCSE exam in Year 10; this enables the top mathematicians to study AQA Further Mathematics in Year 11. This scheme consolidates the A/A* grade work at GCSE and covers some of the topics needed at A level. At A level, we offer both A level Mathematics and A level Further Mathematics.

Each year every pupil in set 1 will take part in the UK Mathematics challenge; this is aimed at three different stages - Junior, Intermediate and Senior. The challenge involves using mathematical logic and reasoning to find solutions to a number of Mathematics problems. We have had many successful entries with pupils getting through to the relevant kangaroo rounds and regional finals. Along with this, we also enter a team into the Mathematics challenge for each level. This takes place each year and the pupils compete against other schools in the region.

Throughout KS3 and 4 we take teams to various enrichment events across East Yorkshire. Recently these have included the “Unexpected Mathematics” event at Hull University in which pupils discovered how much Mathematics is used in everyday life, and “The Maths Feast” event held at a local school in which we took two Year 10 teams who competed in a number of “courses” each involving different aspects of the Mathematics GCSE curriculum.