Mathematics – Further

Miss J Dyer BA York PGCE (Head of Department); Miss H Morris BSc (QTS) Sheffield Hallam; Mr M Beardsley BA Oxford (Christ Church) PGCE; Mrs F E Wells M.Sc. Hull, B.Sc. Liverpool, PGCE

Examination body: Edexcel

Further Mathematics is just as you would expect. If you are applying to mathematically-related courses at one of the top universities (Engineering for example) you are certain to require Further Maths. Such advice is, perhaps, a bit superfluous because if you are considering such courses you MUST enjoy Mathematics. If you do enjoy Maths why not study it in more depth? At the very least it will give you an insight into the difficulties, challenges and beauty of advanced Mathematics.

If you are successful at Further Maths you will not be short of offers from either universities or employers.

Entry Requirements

The AS Level and A Level courses are only for pupils who love Mathematics, enjoy a challenge, are self-motivated, hardworking and have at least an A grade at both GCSE and GCSE Further Maths. This is why Further Mathematicians are highly sought after by universities and employers. Recently, the examination boards made it possible to study for an AS Level in Further Mathematics alongside the Mathematics AS Level by picking out topics which ‘stand-alone’.

Delivery and assessment

The AS Level consists of several sections. Further Pure Maths is compulsory and involves new topics such as Matrices, Complex Numbers and Proof by Induction.

There are three optional sections: Mechanics and Statistics (as outlined in A2 Mathematics), Decision Maths which involves Algorithms, Linear Programming and Critical Path Analysis.

The A Level also has several sections on top of those covered at AS Maths. Further Pure Maths 2 is compulsory and introduces the Taylor and Maclaurin Series, Polar Equations and Differential Equations as well as extending the Complex Number work covered in AS Further Maths.

The three optional sections extend the Mechanics, Statistics and Decision Maths from the AS Level.

Jessica Robinson

Jessica is currently reading Economics at Bristol University, her first choice university, after receiving her A Level examination results in August 2016 including an A* in Maths and an A in Further Maths. She is due to graduate with a BSC in Economics in 2019.