Parents' Forum

On Wednesday 10 February we held our parents' forum, topics covered are listed below.

Growth Mindsets - Mr Andrew Norburn

In this session parents had the opportunity to look at their own mind set and discuss the processes used in school to quality assure the learning that takes place.


GCSE Grades - Mr Steve Jolly/Mr Robert Tuck /

This session focused on the new GCSE grades and what to expect. It also allowed parents to view the parent portal and see how it can inform progress. We cannot display all the slides on the parent portal that were covered due to privacy.


Understanding reports and data collection - Mrs Jo Dyer 

As we have moved to more frequent data collections and interim reports, this was an opportunity for parents to discuss the assessments and what they mean.


Marking and Feedback/Promoting Independent Learning - Mrs Sue Kelsall

This session demonstrated the new marking and feedback policy in the school and it's impact. This session also identified methods of promoting independent learning.