Personal Development Programme

The Personal Development Programme (PDP) is designed to add a different but important dimension to the education of the pupils of Hull Collegiate School Sixth Form. It provides them with a much broader view of their own special capabilities. Additionally, it will allow them to acquire skills and attributes that both universities and employers seek in addition to academic qualifications.

In the end, they will have more to offer in their chosen paths, either in higher education or employment, such as teambuilding skills, leadership skills, presentation skills and independent and cooperative learning skills. 

Objectives, themes and outcomes

  • providing personal development opportunities as well as encouraging academic excellence 
  • promoting a standard of maturity and responsibility 

  • greater exposure to the external environment 

  • helping others less fortunate 

  • identifying and developing some key qualities and attributes 

  • building a strong culture around the work ethic and achievement orientation 

  • building a strong CV for each individual

  • adding value to the existing mentoring scheme in Year 12 

  • creating and developing an area of competitive advantage for Hull Collegiate School and its Sixth Form pupils