Prep School Remote Learning

Online Learning And The Use Of Technology

The implementation of our online learning strategy through the Prep School has ensured a smooth transtion into teaching and learning remotely.

We continually look to review and develop our digital strategy, adopting new teaching techniques to enhance the curriculum and enrichment activities. Creativity is important in education more than ever and the staff at HCS are providing a wealth of opportunities through our co-curricular provision to allow the children to be creative despite these latest lockdown measures.

Live registrations and live lessons provide the children with a connection and relationship to their class friends and multiple teachers.

Our Online Learning Strategy ensures that:

  • there is face-to-face interaction between teachers and pupils each day
  • there is greater structure in place for pupils with the ongoing expectation of high quality work being completed; no passive learning
  • guidance and support will be available from their class teacher everyday
  • regular pastoral support from form tutors and group interaction
  • clear expectations of what pupils need to do
  • recognition postcards (via email) for excellent work or effort will be sent by teachers.

Prep School Parent Handbooks

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