Senior Activities 

The activity programme at Hull Collegiate School is both extensive and varied. It is possibly unique in its organisation and delivery. These extra-curricular activities are taken very seriously and demonstrate the school’s approach to its motto of the best in everyone.

Pupils are required to commit to a particular activity for a term though many remain loyal to a particular club for years. For some it becomes a lifelong interest and passion.

Important Notes for All Pupils

  • KS3 have to select 3 activities
  • Y10 select 2 activities
  • Year 11 - Pupils do not have to do any activity unless they are on the assertive mentoring program. However all Year 11 are encouraged to use their lunchtimes productively and can attend the revision sessions that are available
  • All pupils who play a string instrument above Grade 3 level must attend the String Orchestra on Friday at 1.30pm
  • String players are also expected to attend the relevant quartet as invited.
  • All pupils having singing lessons in school, or studying Music for GCSE or A level, are expected to be in at least one of the school choirs
  • You must not choose the same activity more than once
  • If any sixth former is willing to help with an activity or would like to start a new one please speak to Miss McDowell.

Click here to view the 2016 - 17 activities brochure