Senior Prefects 2017-2018

Head Girl - Olivia Hewitt Jones

I joined Hull Collegiate School in Year 3 at the age of seven and I am currently studying Drama, English Literature and History at A level. I have a passion for performing arts and when I leave the Sixth Form I hope to go to Drama School to train in musical theatre and pursue a career onstage. I have always participated in the music department at school from Collegiate Chorus to the Saxophone Quartet, giving me the opportunities to perform in various concerts including a solo at the Lyceum Theatre in London’s West End.

Some of the other brilliant opportunities I have had from being at Hull Collegiate School includes being a member of the School Council in previous years, being an English mentor to Year 7 pupils and being part of the recent team of pupils who travelled to Uganda with the school to teach children and deliver gifts.

Hull Collegiate has developed me into the confident person I am today and I am honoured to be representing the school as Head Girl this year.
Head Boy - Andrew Elton

I first started Hull Collegiate School in Year 4 and have just entered my final year at the school. I currently study History, Geography, English and did Economics for AS. I am current captain for the 1st team rugby and also play in the other sports teams such as football and cricket. I play rugby outside of the school for Doncaster Colts and have done since the age of 7; this has allowed me to build up my leadership and teamwork skills.

Over the summer, I travelled to Uganda along with 17 classmates. This was a truly life changing experience and really opened my eyes to the level of poverty in the world. I hope to study History and Politics at university in Scotland. The school has offered me so many opportunities such as volunteering at Ganton School, travelling to Sri Lanka for a sports tour and mentoring Year 8 pupils for English.
Deputy Head Girl - Gabriella Zanetti

I have been at Hull Collegiate School since Reception and have had the opportunity to take part in many extra-curricular activities that the school offers, including sport, drama, music and academic endeavours. These activities have taken me to Sri Lanka, where I played hockey and netball, skiing in Austria and Spain and performing in the orchestra in City Hall, to name a few. I am also currently the captain of the First Team Netball.

These opportunities and the support of the teachers have built my confidence . I would never have pictured myself delivering a speech in front of parents, teachers and pupils, as I did recently at Prize Giving.

I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths, with the hope of studying Chemistry at University. As a Maths mentor and a helper in STEM club for younger pupils at school, I have developed my patience and communication skills through explaining a complex subject in a way the pupils will understand.

I am grateful that I am spending my last year as Deputy Head Girl which I am sure will bring many more exciting opportunities.
Deputy Head Boy - Habib Abouda

I first joined Hull Collegiate School in Year 6 and am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths at A Level with the hope of studying medicine at university next year. I also have an interest in languages, doing an AS in Spanish and basing my Extended Project Qualification on the effect of learning a language on the brain.

Since my first day at the school I have appreciated the friendly environment offered by the staff and pupils as well as all the outstanding opportunities that have allowed me to stretch myself and achieve my full potential. I was Managing Director of a Young Enterprise company in 2015 and enjoy getting involved with the annual school plays, as a part of the sound and lighting crew. I am also a member of Team Uganda and Safi Cofee and our recent visit to Uganda was a truly life-changing experience for me – visiting schools and interacting with the children there affirmed my desire to study medicine at university.

As Deputy Head Boy, I aspire to always be as approachable and empathetic as possible in order to reflect the friendly and welcoming environment that makes Hull Collegiate School so special.
Senior Prefect - Olivia Mukerjea

When I first joined Hull Collegiate School in Year 3, I was very shy and would never have believed I would one day be a Senior Prefect but thanks to the amazing help of the teachers and support staff, I have grown in confidence and am able to push myself.

I am currently studying History, Drama and Business but I also have an AS in English Literature/Language. The extra-curricular opportunities that the school provides is second to none and I enjoy taking full advantage of what they offer. I am a member of the school choir and have performed In numerous music concerts throughout my time at Hull Collegiate. Along with being a member of the school choir, I also play the guitar and have singing lessons. I am very active in the drama department not only from studying GCSE and A level Drama but because I have performed in many of the school productions. Hull Collegiate has also given me the opportunity to run a drama activity for the younger pupils and I have been a mentor to a Year 7 form as well as an English mentor to pupils struggling with their English work. I think my favourite experience that the school has given me was the chance to volunteer at Ganton school where I have met many amazing children.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at Hull Collegiate; it has really brought out the best in me and I will be sad to say goodbye at the end of the year.
Senior Prefect - George Exon

I joined Hull Collegiate School in 2004 when I joined Kindergarten and I have been here ever since. I have just started my final year in the Sixth Form where I am studying Maths, Physics and DT at A Level. Next year, I hope to go to University to study Product Design.

I am part of the Collegiate Chorus, the Orchestra and I am regularly seen performing in the school Production; my particular favourite was playing Pharaoh in Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat in Year 6.

The school has offered me many fantastic opportunities, helping me grow into the person I am today. Whether it is trekking the Three Peaks for four days for my Gold Duke of Edinburgh award or Volunteering at Ganton School, I’m always doing something.
One of my favourite experiences was being lucky enough to visit Uganda in July 2017. This was a truly life changing experience and I loved every minute of it. I spent the entire two weeks singing and dancing; I was in my element. It was incredible to see the differences in our two countries and I hope that by visiting I have made a difference. Since then, I have been a member of Safi Coffee, a non-profit social enterprise that sells grade A, Arabica coffee from Uganda. All the money raised goes directly to sponsoring the children of Uganda through their education.