Vision and Aims

Our vision is to be a happy, thriving 3-18 co-educational day school that combines academic excellence, support for the individual and a wide extra-curricular programme to develop the whole child.

Pupils arrive at the school each day confident and happy, ready for the challenges ahead.  They have a sense of expectation and purpose.  Expectation in that they know what will be demanded of them in appearance, attendance, conduct and work.  Expectation also in that their experience of school allows them to explore the real sense of joy that achievement, improvement and belonging can bring.

The school's five values are for each and every member of the Hull Collegiate School community to practice: pupils, teaching and support staff, parents and Governors. These values form the basis of the common threads that run through our school and our community. Hull Collegiate aims to provide opportunities for, and develop individuals who are:


Innovative: To seeks ways of improving and enhancing all that we do to develop enquiring minds and a lifelong love of learning in preparation for life in the 21st century.

Confident: To ensure that we provide opportunities that allow our stakeholders to develop their confidence through learning and co-curricular opportunities.

Aspirational: To prepare for the future, always seeking to improve, and approaching each challenge and opportunity with energy, optimism and a growth mind-set.

Respectful: To encourage self-respect, care for others and an active interest in the world beyond the school.

Enthusiastic: To embrace new challenges and enjoy the opportunities afforded by being part of the school community.                      

We aim to bring out THE BEST IN EVERYONE by:   

  • Providing an education that is relevant, challenging and engaging, enabling every child to develop an enthusiasm for learning
  • Expecting pupils to have confidence in their own abilities, setting their own aspirational goals and working towards them with commitment, determination independence and pride
  • Creating a culture of respect, where pupils have responsible, caring attitudes, enabling them to make a positive contribution to society 
  • Providing an environment which celebrates innovation and creativity and in which success is celebrated and effort is rewarded
  • Building positive links with parents so that pupils thrive in a cooperative atmosphere
  • Catering for all pupils' needs, recognising that they learn in different ways and have different strengths as well as helping them to recognise, value and accept their own strengths and weaknesses.