Hull Collegiate Prep School is constantly evolving in response to the needs, aims and expectations of pupils, parents and staff. The philosophy of education as a preparation for life is central to our provision as one of the leading independent schools in East Yorkshire and Hull. A balanced and broad based curriculum is combined with innovative methods and activities to create exciting and productive learning experiences. We set our pupils high standards in terms of education and personal goals, varying these according to each child's potential and personality. We value and acknowledge achievement in all aspects of school life, with a strong emphasis on values and respect for others.

In a changing world, we strive to create a learning environment which enables children to be adaptable, resilient, capable of using their abilities in many ways, ready for anything and afraid of nothing. We work closely with parents to provide the best possible education for our pupils, in which they can discover new talents, build on their strengths and celebrate their achievements.

We aim to bring out the best in everyone by:

  • bringing learning alive, making the curriculum relevant, exciting and stimulating
  • catering for all pupils’ needs, recognising that they learn in different ways and have different strengths, which are of equal value, and helping them to recognise, value and accept their own strengths and weaknesses
  • providing a stimulating and caring environment where success is celebrated and effort is rewarded
  • expecting our pupils to have confidence in their own abilities, setting their own aspirational goals, and working towards them with commitment and determination
  • encouraging pupils to work purposefully both independently and as part of a team
  • fostering self-disciplined learners who think creatively and reflectively, developing the skills they need to face new challenges with confidence    
  • helping pupils to be sensitive to the needs of others and to develop understanding of other races, religions and ways of life, giving them opportunities to develop the responsible attitudes that will enable them to become active and caring members of the community    
  • Building positive links with parents so that pupils can thrive in a cooperative atmosphere.

Through a culture of positive reinforcement, high expectations and mutual respect, we are a school which does indeed bring out the best in everyone.

Mrs Antje Kell

Head of Hull Collegiate Prep School