Whole school production of Grimm Tales March 2017.

This year we wanted to create a production that involved as many year groups across the school as possible. We found the perfect material in Grimm Tales. This production gives opportunities for performance to a large group of pupils ranging from Year 3 to Year 12. Also Year 13 A level Drama pupils have had the chance to develop their skills as Directors as they took the opportunity to work with Year 7 on Hansel and Gretel. Mr Whitfield and Mrs Asbury directed the other four short plays and the whole company came together to work on the song with the help of Mrs Maynard and Ms Kirkman.

The concept of the production was a group of punk ‘fairies’ who live in an enchanted forest and told stories through drama. We were working in the style of physical theatre to tell our stories and this was a challenge in rehearsal for all concerned. The physical detail needed to succeed in this style was a steep learning curve and we thank you for bearing with us and our efforts, suspended you disbeliefs, and enjoyed our humble but heartfelt production of GRIMM TALES!!


Snow White

The Magic Tablecloth, the Gold Donkey and Cudgel in the Sack

The Riddle???


Hansel and Gretel

The Hare and the Hedgehog


The Answer!!!