Amazing act of kindness from Year 10 Zara by helping a woman in need.

Year 10 Zara

In a world where the pandemic is impossible to ignore, sometimes it can be worth remembering the capacity for love and generosity that human beings can have to renew your faith in humanity.

On a cold evening during half-term, Zara went out to walk her dog and came across an unconscious, disabled woman that lives not far from her house. Zara was alone and there was no one else around. The woman was unresponsive to Zara so she went to a nearby house to call for an ambulance. Once Zara knew that the woman was being cared for, she left. No one knew who Zara was – only that she had a little brown terrier.

Earlier this week, Zara's mother was stopped in the street by the patient’s neighbour. She recognised their dog and asked if she was the mother of someone who had helped the unconscious women. She also explained there had been a Facebook campaign to find Zara and thank her. The woman had been laid out in the cold and rain for up to two hours and was suffering from hypothermia. If Zara hadn’t helped her, she may not have survived.

Headmistress, Alex Wilson, said, ''I am very proud of Zara. What a kind, brave thing to do. Small acts of kindness can go a very long way. Zara showed great maturity, care and respect which resulted in potentially saving a life.''

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