Connexin £10 Challenge winners 2019

The school’s education charity The Hull Collegiate Trust launched the £10.00 Entrepreneur Challenge last month.

The £10 Challenge is sponsored by successful Hull based business Connexin. Founded in 2006, Connexin specialises in award winning Fibre Optic and Voice Services for business and residential customers. Connexin is now an international business with customers all over the world. Going from startup to a larger business, they have stayed true to their mission statement which is:

Be Awesome. Care. Inspire.

The founders of Connexin; Furqan Alamgir and Alex Yeung are both ex pupils. They now lead the company with a further 2 ex pupils Will and Max.They are great examples of how you can be entrepreneurial and build your own successful business. In February Max came into school to talk to the pupils during the launch assembly offering advice and encouragement to the 16 forms in Years 7-10.

Max Wilson from Connexin with Headmistress Alex Wilson

Over the course of 4 weeks they researched, planned, sourced materials, promoted and sold their goods. Each form had to decide on an idea and submit a business plan along with all marketing material to qualify for one of the prizes:

  • Best Strategy/Business Plan - won by Year 7 Harvey
  • Best Idea - won by Year 8 Morris
  • Best Marketing Plan - Year 8 Dawson
  • Most Money Raised - Year 10 Blencoe
  • Overall Winner - the form who had a great strategy, marketing and reasonable profit - won by Year 7 Wells for the second year running!
Overall winners Year 7 Wells

Alex Wilson, Headmistress, said, ‘’The £10 Challenge provides an opportunity for pupils to become active entrepreneurs and, at the same time, give back to their school community. It allows them to work effectively in groups, managing discussions, involving others productively, reviewing and summarising and contributing towards meeting goals and deadlines.

Pupils in the Senior School are asked to give short speeches and presentations and express their own ideas. They show the ability to build team engagement, collaborate, share knowledge and explain ideas. They make informed decisions to plan, evaluate and calculate risks and to persist when facing setbacks.

The activities throughout the £10 Challenge develops their competencies and skills which underpin our Core Values: Innovation, Confidence, Aspiration, Respect and Enthusiasm – all of which are relevant for the future.

I would like to express my thanks to Alex and Furqan at Connexin who support the £10 Challenge financially and as mentors for the pupils; their support and guidance is invaluable.’’

The challenge is a highly interactive way for pupils to develop key skills whilst attempting to make as much profit as possible out of £10. They made £771 for the Trust. 

This is fabulous amount for the Hull Collegiate School Trust which provides financial support to help both prospective and current pupils of Hull Collegiate School whose family circumstances mean that they cannot afford the cost of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, such as educational visits, bus travel, music tuition and school uniform.


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