Former pupil, Holly Riby, celebrates as her research is published in The Sports Psychologist


“Don’t Touch My Bag”: The Role of Superstition in Professional Male Boxing looks at the superstitious actions athletes undertake before competition have been well documented, yet the role of such behaviors has received little qualitative attention. Holly's research contributed by exploring the role of superstitious routines in professional male boxing. 

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Holly was a keen sportswoman during her time at HCS and sent this lovely message to Miss Davis:

''I just wanted to say a huge thank you for being the best PE teacher a pupil could ever ask for! You always went above and beyond and I genuinely can say if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have fallen in love with sport or enjoyed education the way I did. I always speak so highly of my school experience and memories. You played such an important role in that. So thank you Miss D.''

Well done Holly!


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