Going beyond syllabus - Table Sculptures by Mr Steve Doncaster

Mr Steve Doncaster is a teacher of Art and Design where he has enjoyed a number of years teaching pupils at Hull Collegiate School.  In addition to his teaching, Mr Doncaster is a sculptor. There is currently an exhibition of his recent table sculptures in the main foyer. 

The majority of the sculptures in this exhibition were made in the autumn and winter of 2017/2018 at his studio in Hull, East Yorkshire. Of the eighteen pieces that he made, eleven are shown here. This is their first showing to the public. 

Mr Doncaster makes his sculptures by assembling pieces of card and wood in an improvisational way. His aim is to create a totally new object that has its own unique visual language.

He wanted to cut out the known beauty associated with sculpture and go back to saying that a sculptor is a person who makes a physical mark. It needs to mean more than just be a bit of decoration. It has to be something that is made for a purpose. 

Working on a small scale acts like a vast new vocabulary that suddenly comes available and enhances his new sculpture. Their scale and use of the table top enables viewers to get up close and personal to their colour, shape, scale and form.

The exhibition will be on display until Easter. You are very welcome to come and see the sculptures which are also available to buy. Please do not touch the sculptures. If you would like information about prices please email Steve.Doncaster@hullcollegiateschool.co.uk  

Steve said:  "I have always regarded sculpture as an entity. Sculpture is a thing which, in a way, we as sculptors serve and so we have to keep it alive. We keep it alive by challenging convention all of the time. A large part of my life is making art. It is something I have always loved to do. It pours out of me and so instead of fighting it I let it. Whether it amounts to anything is up to history and the viewer to decide in the end."

Headmistress Alex Wilson said: " This is an excellent example of passion for subject and going beyond syllabus. I would encourage you to come and see his wonderful pieces of art."


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