Guest speaker Dr Martijn van der Spoel empowers students to become more effective learners

Dr Martijn van der Spoel with Pre Sixth students

Today we welcomed Dr Martijn van der Spoel to School who ran a series of sessions to students in Year 10-13 which included various group activities demonstrating how different people's minds work. 

Lower Sixth engaged in an activity

Born in the north of the Netherlands, Dr. Martijn van der Spoel grew up in a family of four. From a young age, sometimes to the despair of other family members, Dr. Martijn van der Spoel loved talking. However, school was challenging especially because of his dyslexia.  At a secondary school parents’ evening, his English teacher told his mother that although he tried everything, “Martijn will never learn English.” This became a personal challenge during the next few years. Over time, Dr. Martijn van der Spoel got qualifications from universities both in London and Chicago. He holds a PhD from the Institute of Education, London, and is a chartered psychologist.


This was a fascinating presentation teaching students how to revise effectively. Dr Martijn van der Speol also presented to staff and will be hosting a vitual session for parents. 

One of the greatest things in life is achieving something what was thought impossible!

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