We talk to the new Hull Collegiate School Headmistress about past, present and future.

As we embark on the Lent Term, we discover how the new Headmistress, Mrs Alex Wilson, has been drawn to Hull Collegiate School.

What path has your career taken so far? 

I began my teaching career in a girls’ full boarding school, living in and working with them. After six years, I moved to teach at my alma mater, North London Collegiate School, one of the top performing schools in the country, where I remained for the next seventeen years. When I first moved to NLCS, I taught Religious Studies and History. Over the years, I became Head of Department and then Deputy Head (Pastoral) for six years before taking on the role of Acting Headmistress in the Autumn Term of 2017.               

Have you always been a teacher? 

I always knew I wanted to be teacher and have loved (almost) every minute of my twenty-four year teaching career. 

What change have you effected? 

During my time at NLCS, I have experienced five ISI inspections of varying types - the most recent being a compliance inspection in September 2017. I have particularly enjoyed being responsible for admissions and seeing the numbers applying for places at the school increasing year on year. I have also been actively involved with the alumnae network and growing this into a vibrant group which meets on many occasions throughout the year and supports former pupils, whether just embarking on their careers or enjoying retirement.

What are you passionate about professionally? 

I am passionate about education in the broadest sense. For me, a good education is one which is ambitious and full of opportunity, opening up the mind and experience of each individual, inspiring each pupil to find their niche, make the most of their gifts and to thrive. It is much more than passing examinations and should teach the pupil that their worth as a human being is not measured simply in academic success, but should give them the confidence to take risks, tackle challenges head on and have the confidence to re-write the story if things do not go according to plan. A good education should prepare the pupil for life beyond the school gates, whilst instilling in them understanding and tolerance for others and a desire to make a difference in the world. 

What excites you about joining Hull Collegiate School?

I am particularly excited to be joining the Hull Collegiate community. From the first moment I became aware of the school, I was attracted by the warmth of the community and the desire to bring out the best in everyone which chimed closely with my own vision of education.

Tell us a little bit more about yourself personally? 

I am married with two children - both girls will join HCS in January. As a family, we made the move north at the end of the Autumn term and we are already loving the warmth of welcome we have received. In my spare time I enjoy cooking and sea kayaking.

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