Lights, Camera, Action for Year 7 Student Edward

At Hull Collegiate School we have been closely following the acting career of one of our very own students. Year 7 pupil Edward has recently been cast in a variety of film and theatre roles.  

Edward is a wonderful dancer but on occasion can lack confidence. His dream is to go to a university in London to study Dance with a view to performing internationally. In January this year his Mum saw an advertisement for a small acting role on social media and put Edward’s name down without him knowing, thinking if he got an interview it would do wonders for his confidence.

Unfortunately Edward didn’t hear anything back regarding the part in a film but at the end of February he was invited to audition locally for a film called The Last Trip. The film is about the Triple Trawler Tragedy and the 6,000 lives lost at sea from the port of Hull. Edward’s music teacher, Mrs Maynard, accompanied Edward to the 10 minute audition which was in front of a full film set with lighting, cameramen and an actress. In March, Edward was offered the role playing a younger version of one of the real trawler men.

Edward filming for The Last Trip

Edward still has a few scenes to film in October before it’s release date in December. Edward has enjoyed the whole experience but has learnt filming can take hours and hours to record one scene. There is a lot of waiting around and it’s not very glamorous...but to perform when he’s never had an acting or drama lesson in his life has been quite remarkable. The director Andrew Fenton is amazed that he is not drama trained, which is a massive compliment and has boosted his confidence. 

ITV has recently interviewed Edward and his fellow actors about The Last Trip which will be aired when the film is released.

In addition to this, Edward has won a role in the Christmas Pantomime ‘Cinderella’ at the Hull New Theatre. He is the only boy to be picked in the history of LWHS School of Dance and he will be performing throughout Christmas and New Year. Edward was elated to win this part as last year as he was an understudy for the character John Darling in Peter Pan but unfortunately he never got the opportunity to act on stage.

Speaking of his recent achievements, Edward said:

“I am so grateful for the opportunities that I have had this year, especially being able to film my first movie. I still can’t really believe it. It has been a great learning experience for me and I’m excited to be able to perform again at Christmas.”

Edward’s Mum, Lisa, said ‘’This year is like Edward having his light bulb moment and I am so proud of him. He also attends street dance lessons with his  teacher David at Skyline Studios, and he got a part dancing in their production of ‘Mad Max’. This was absolutely awesome, but very scary for me as for the first time ever we all had to make our own Steam Punk costumes and not have to buy them. Edward trains at LWHS and in July he passed his first ever modern dance exam with Distinction. I never thought I would ever be a ‘Dance Mum’ having a boy, but I am immensely proud Just to see his confidence grow is the best gift ever.’’

Headmistress Alex Wilson said, ‘’

“We are all incredibly proud of Edward and his well-deserved success. In particular, many thanks must go to Mrs Maynard, our music teacher in the Prep School, who unwaveringly supported Edward throughout his audition process for The Last Trip. I have no doubt that our music and drama departments in the Senior School will continue this amazing show of support and help Edward in all of his future endeavours.

“I look forward to watching Edward develop his talents and confidence both on and off stage over his coming years at Hull Collegiate school.''

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