Music lessons at Hull Collegiate School.

Music is at the heart of life at HCS. With around three hundred peripatetic lessons each week, as well as five choirs and numerous instrumental groups rehearsing, not a moment goes by without the sound of music drifting through the school.

Pupils would normally see a demonstration in the Trinity Term, but as they were unable to this year, four of our music teachers have made a short video, explaining who they are and what they teach. 

Click on the links below to see and hear from four of our fabulous peripatetic music teachers. HCS is fortunate to have a dedicated instrumental team, who between them, cover the whole range of instruments. Lessons are available for pupils from Year 3 (with some offering to Y2 from the Lent Term onwards), usually on an individual basis, although shared lessons for the younger pupils can take place in some circumstances. Pupils have their lessons on a rotating basis, so as not to miss the same academic lesson each week.

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