National Poetry Day 2020

In order to recognise National Poetry Day 2020 in the Senior School, Dr Sabine Vanacker and Dr Ed Hurst from Hull University’s English Department delivered a  virtual lecture on a selection of Duffy’s poems from ‘The World’s Wife’, and a virtual creative writing workshop to our Year 10 students.

Dr Hurst

Not only did this provide students with a taster of English study at University level, but it empowered them to deal with challenging concepts such as the revisionist genre and narrative structure. Both Dr Vanacker and Dr Hurst were engaging and fascinating to listen to, and it was lovely to see our students eagerly writing to trial their ideas and fully immerse themselves into the world of poetry. All of us at HCS would like to thank them both for affording us the time to do this (especially on the first day of the University term).

Dr Vanacker 

Senior School students have also engaged in other ‘poetic events’ during tutor sessions: staff had recorded readings of their favourite poems in order for students to discuss the concepts within them, students have had the opportunity to generate their own ‘name poems’ and ‘nonsense poems’, and the whole school have been submitting entries to the school’s annual competition. This year, students have been tasked to write a poem based on the theme ‘Life with Covid’.

As always, there has been a huge literary buzz around the building which has a pleasure to witness. As well as our friends at Hull University, a huge thank you must go to HCS English Department, Library Team, all contributing staff and our fantastic students for making the event a success.

The theme for National Poetry Day 2020 is Vision and the motto is 'see like a poet'. In Prep School, local poet Catherine Scott, performed her poems and introduced emotions and senses in the Year 4, 5 and 6 workshops.

Pupils in Prep


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