Outdoor Classroom Day

Last week marked the National Outdoor Classroom Day, a biannual day that is part of a Global movement, to make time outdoors part of every child’s day. As you know, we are passionate about outdoor learning on our marvellous School site. What an incredibly fun day – ‘Nature dress up’ (camo face paints, nature crowns of the forest and wonderful wrist wreaths), followed by measuring games with metre sticks, trundle wheels, string and even magnifying glasses. Can you measure something enormous using metres? Can you measure something tiny using millimetres? Perfect pair work, great group challenges, full-on class co-operation and adventurous efforts by all!

Year 6 building a stage
Year 4

In Year 5, we have been studying the Vikings in Humanities. We took on the huge (20 metre) challenge of building our own Viking longship with OPaL loose parts. The children worked collaboratively and positively to discuss and design the ship and then dressed appropriately and recounted facts they had learnt whilst 'on board' their ship as part of a 'live museum' We hope you love the finished result as much as we did!

Please find the children's live museum here:

Please click here to see more photos of pupils enjoying their outdoor classrooms.

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