Senior Leadership Team 2020-2021

We are delighted to introduce the senior leadership team for the next academic year.

Rufaro - Head Girl

I joined the Hull Collegiate community in year 12. As an active and motivated person, I found Hull Collegiate to offer many opportunities for development. I have had  a number of opportunities within the school, which  include delivering a speech during a sixth form information evening, joining the schools hockey and netball teams, taking on the role of being a representative for the Safi Coffee team and leading on the publishing of a Scholars Magazine for the school.

I am studying Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Further Mathematics for my A-levels. I am a very passionate academic and I was privileged to receive an Honorary Scholarship for my exceptional achievement for my IGCSEs. As a Math’s mentor for the year 7s and 9s I have formed friendships with the school’s lower form pupils and use my academic skills to help within the school community.

Although I have only been at the school for a year, it has been easy for me to integrate into the school. It feels as though I have always been a Collegian.

I was excited to be selected as the Head Girl for the school next year. This is an amazing opportunity for me, and I am honoured to have been chosen for this role. I hope to lead by example, uphold the schools ethos and use this the opportunity to promote the school.

Elijah - Head Boy

I joined Hull Collegiate School in year 10 so I immediately began my GCSE’s. Now, I am taking Maths, Physics and Psychology for A-level but I do hope to pursue Philosophy at university.

I came into this school having a basic understanding of what every subject involved and chose whatever interested me most upon joining. Since then, I have gained an appreciation for the unique insight that every subject can offer which left me torn apart when I had to finally narrow down and decide on what I was going to take for A-level. 

Yet, I’m really happy with my choices and even though they don’t directly relate to what I want to do in the future, they have developed my way of thinking and given me skills that make me feel capable of pursuing whatever career path I end up choosing.

I am also grateful to be doing my A-levels in this school because of the individualised learning experience I receive every day and being able to get the help I need whether it be on a concept that I can’t wrap my head around or guidance on what I should do after Year 13. Not to mention the unusual and exciting activates that my friends and I can take part in, like mindfulness sessions, film making tutorials and video game design clubs.

Shana - Deputy Head Girl

I joined Hull Collegiate School in year 7 and currently study Spanish, French and Maths at A level. I love learning new things and taking advantage of all the opportunities that the school has to offer. I am captain of the netball team and have been playing hockey and rounders for the school since the age of 11. In 2017, I was fortunate enough to go on a trip to Paris with my Netball team. This allowed me to understand the importance of teamwork and helped me develop my leadership skills. Since year 10, I have also been part of the lighting and sound team in the school production as I have a passion for theatre production.

I have been given the opportunity to mentor year 7 and 8 pupils with their maths, on a weekly basis. From this I have developed my patience and communication skills by breaking down more complex ideas.

In addition to this, the school’s enrichment programme allowed me to be one of the founders of ‘Eco Warriors’ which has taught me a lot about the environment and how we should look after it. Also, I have been lucky enough to volunteer at St Anne’s school, learning sign language and reading with the children. I am part of the Safi Coffee team and have represented the school in a presentation with our partner school Felsted.

Hull Collegiate School has made me the person I am today and I am grateful to have been chosen as Deputy Head Girl.  

Tom - Deputy Head Boy

I joined Hull Collegiate School in Year 12, I am currently studying Economics, Maths, and Physics at A-levels. I hope to study Economics at university after completing my A-levels, I am very passionate for the subject and thoroughly enjoying the lessons.

As I only joined the school in September 2019, I missed out on some of the great opportunities however I have taken advantage of all the opportunities I have had so far. Playing for the school football team and mentoring year 7s and 8s in Maths on Mondays and Wednesdays, has improved my communication skills and team building. I also volunteered to help at Ganton School for a term in enrichment. I am looking forward to the fantastic opportunity to go to Uganda in 2021, during our visit we will teach and deliver gifts to underprivileged children.

I am very grateful and excited to be Deputy Head Boy for my last year at Hull Collegiate, I believe this role will enhance me as a person and give me even more great opportunities.

Sophia - Senior Prefect

I started Hull Collegiate School at the age of 3, and I am about to start my final year of A-Levels. At A-Level, I take Business BTEC and an Extended Diploma in PE. I am a very practical person so being able to take two subjects which focuses less on essays and exams and still being able to come out with the equivalent of four A-Levels is ideal. What I love most about Hull Collegiate is how close everyone is with each other, it feels like you are part of one big family and you are always supported, whether this be by your peers or the teachers. When I leave school next year I hope to go to University and study sport and exercise science where I will be able to put my knowledge and skills obtained through my extended diploma to the test and I feel that the life skills I have developed during my time at Hull Collegiate will stand me in good stead at University.

Jake - Senior Prefect

I joined Hull Collegiate School in Year 7 and I am studying Maths, Economics, and History A-Level. I currently don’t know what I want to do after I leave school, but I think I want to learn something to do with history as I am passionate about learning why things happened. To me the reason why this school is so amazing, is due to fantastic support the teaching staff have given me for the 5 years I have been at Hull Collegiate. My favourite moment of school in Year 9 when I went to the battlefields in Belgium and for someone who is so interested in history, it was a dream come to true to be able to see first-hand where it happened.

Emily - Senior Prefect

I joined Hull Collegiate School in Year 4 and I am currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths with the hope of pursuing a career in Medicine. Problem solving is one of my strengths and because of this medicine is of great interest to me. I believe that Hull Collegiate has brought out my passion for problem solving by offering me so many fantastic opportunities. In Year 7, I was part of the winning team that took part in a maths challenge at Hull University. I have also taken part in the “Top of the bench” Chemistry competition at Hull University, the Physics Olympics in York and the Intermediate Maths Challenges, to name a few.

The school has allowed me to develop my leadership skills by mentoring individual year 7 and 8 pupils in maths and science and I have loved seeing them progress over the years I’ve worked with them. I have also been involved in the sports teams which has boosted my teamwork and communication skills. Hull Collegiate has given me the opportunity to volunteer at St Anne’s school and also become part of the Safi Coffee team. Safi Coffee is a project that imports coffee beans from Uganda and sells them across the UK. Our profits are used to provide an education to less fortunate children in Uganda.

I’m thankful for the exceptionally supportive teachers, welcoming environment and endless opportunities. I’m privileged to have been able to attend this school since the age of 8, I truly believe it’s brought out the best in me.

Oliver - Senior Prefect

I joined the Prep School in year 5, and I am now currently studying Maths, Further Maths and Physics at A level. I am hoping to be part of Team Uganda next year and looking forward to making a difference by raising money to improve schooling and other opportunities there.

I am yet to finally decide what to study at university but I intend to take a gap year after I finish A Levels. The school has offered me a lot of opportunities, such as volunteering at St Annes school during enrichment sessions, Duke of Edinburgh awards, mentoring pupils and the extended project qualification.

I’m sure all of these will have given me a head start for when I apply to university and I am grateful for the support I’ve received from teachers during my time here.

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