STEM D&T at Hull Collegiate School

Pupils at Hull Collegiate School have been involved in a number of STEM activities over the past year. We have been lucky to host a professional wood turner and have a weekly visit from a local STEM Ambassador Dr Mike Kebbell. The pupils have gained an insight and enhanced skills when working with timber at the woodworking lathes. There have been different weekly activities and specialist workshops for years 9, 10 and 12. Dr Kebbell has supported and guided the pupils and allowed them to improve in their confidence and skill level.

This has inspired pupils to make high-quality items from pens to designer hand turned wooden stools. The pupils have benefited from learning in a hands on way in small group, which has allowed them to build their experience and attempt more complicated projects. 

Interest in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths) at Hull Collegiate is encouraged by the provision of STEM clubs focussing on these subjects. Pupils are able to explore these subjects beyond the curriculum and participate in national challenges and competitions.

Dr Liz Kebbell and Mr Chambers have been award a certificate in recognition of commitment of staff at Hull Collegiate School for encouraging and inspiring young people in STEM subjects through their collaboration with a local STEM ambassador.

Pupils have collaborated in a wide range of STEM projects including:

Extracting iron from fortified cereals 

Building bridges from spaghetti

Participating in the Rocket Science national competition – our pupils’ project was chosen to be presented to Tim Peake at York University. All pupils who participated were awarded Bronze Crest certificates.


Exploring the use of triangles to add strength to constructions

Pupils were also fortunate to have a visit from Nikos Siragas, an internationally renowned wood turner; pupils are supported in developing their own talents in wood turning by regular visits from the STEM ambassador.


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