Wall Reliefs - art exhibition April 2019

As part of the activites programme at Hull Collegiate School, Mr Doncaster ran an art-based session for Key Stage 3 pupils who wanted to produce work outside of their normal lessons which say a little bit about themselves. 

Anna - Year 9

Anna said, ''I have created an optical illusion using different layers - the aged cogs are placed on dowel and interplay with each other against the start contrast of the white background.''


Cristina - Year 8

Cristina said, ''I was born in South Africa then moved to England when I was 6. This 3-dimensional flag is a representation of the two cultures and how they have influenced my life.''


Eloise - Year 8

Eloise said, ''This wall relief is the idea of something that is unique to anything else produced in the art studio. It consists of random shapes and is non-uniform. The colours came about through trial and error.''


Freya - Year 8

Freya said, ''The inspiration for this piece of work came from tubes and cylinders. I wanted to merge them together in the centre of the wall relief opening up like octupus tentacles. The white paint gives the whole piece a uniformity.''


Isabelle - Year 8

Isabelle said, ''Using recycled materials, I have made a collage-like wall relief. I have incorporated used objects to create a 3-dimensional piece of work. This is my way of saving the planet.''


Rose - Year 9

Rose said, ''The link between 4 question mark like shapes are brought together using various lengths of dowel and curved pieces of card. The background was initially white but then I changed it to a rainbow style as a sea of colour.''


Art teacher Mr Doncaster said, ''At the start of the Year, 6 pupils from Years 8 and 9 expressed that they wanted to do art on a lunchtime so I suggested they do something 3-dimentional. After researching ideas based on the notion of wall reliefs, the pupils came up with designs of their own. It has been a pleasure to work with the girls and watch their hard work come to fruition which is now on display in the main foyer.''

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