We catch up with former pupil Sanghyuk Kim, who is currently a trainee clinical scientist at University Hospitals Bristol 

Sanghyuk Kim

Sanghyuk left HCS in 2008 and graduated in Biomedical Engineering at City, University of London, with a 1st class honours degree. In 2012, Sanghyuk spent two months as a student at the Saudi German Hospital in Dubai. In 2018 he completed an internship at Siemens as an R&D Engineer. His role was an innovation think tank developer and engineer working on augmented reality, electronics, product design and additive manufacturing.

Currently, Sanghyuk is working as a trainee clinical scientist (clinical engineering) at University Hospitals Bristol under the NHS Scientist Training Programme, simultaneously undertaking an MSc in Clinical Engineering at King's College London.

Sanghyuk has fond memories of his time at HCS. One of his main influencers was Head of Pastoral, Mrs Bloomfield. 

''As both my first senior school teacher and my last teacher in Hull, you've played a pivotal role in shaping who I am, and what I am doing now, over a decade later. 

Even though I've pretty much lost my Hull accent now, I still feel like I've learnt a lot from that time. I've always appreciated the patience, understanding and the pretty light-hearted approach you had. I've got to say, I learnt that those are rather uncommon traits in the adult world!

So, I feel as I owe a massive thanks to you, and of course the school as a whole, in developing me to graduate, get a job and start a master's all during a pandemic. 

As they say, simple acts can create an endless ripple...''

A young Sanghyuk at Hull Grammar School

We wish Sanghyuk the very best of success for the future.

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