Year 3 enjoyed a virtual meet with the author Tom Palmer 

Tom Palmer

Pupils in Year 3 met the author Tom Palmer virtually this week. The class read The Spitfire Fund over half-term and created a display based on research on the author. Tom explained how he used objects, such as the Spitfire pin, as the basis for his stories. Take a look at some of the great questions the pupils asked Tom:

Ted: Who was his favourite character in the Football Academy series?

Tom: Ryan, as he is flawed but develops.

Nellie: What were you doing when you met your wife in the Sahara?

Tom: A charity walk

Oscar: What breed of dog is Finn? (Tom’s dog, who he introduced us to!)

Tom: A cocker spaniel.

Ismael: How many dogs do you have?

Tom: One but we also have a cat and a hamster.

Eva: How did you start writing books?

Tom: I was a struggling reader so I started reading football books. I wrote poems, diaries and short stories. It took me twenty years to get published! I find the best time to write a book is in the morning. I wrote Armistice Runner as I love running.

Henry: What first interested you in writing?

Tom: Reading! Books make you laugh, cry and want to travel. Books changed my life!

Rithick: How many football books have you written?

Tom: 30 football books, 8 featuring rugby and 8 history based.

Pupil's display board

Tom has kindly sent the class bookmarks and a Christmas card for his latest book After the War.

Tom gave each pupil a bookmark

Thank you Tom for a fabulous virtual talk. We hope he will be able to visit us in person next year.

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