Year 7 Eva delivers a talk to her class with first edition copy of Dickens' 'Martin Chuzzlewit'

Year 7 Eva

Thanks to Eva in Year 7, Mr Latham’s class were lucky enough to witness a first edition copy of Dickens’ ‘Martin Chuzzlewit’ and an original penny dreadful. Penny dreadfuls were romanticised accounts of actual crime reports. For a penny (hence the name), Victorians could follow some of the country’s most gruesome and violent criminals in weekly instalments.

Eva confidently and passionately delivered a talk on the world of vintage books to the rest of the class, who then considered the people who had read the book and the things they would have seen and experienced. A huge thank you must go to Eva and her family at Hyraxia Books for loaning these texts to the department today. They have well and truly stoked the students’ passion for literature by broadening their horizons within the subject (the English teachers have been very excited about this too)!

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