Year 7 Geography visit to Manchester's 'Sports City' - March 2017

At the velodrome

Year 7 pupils enjoyed a field visit to Manchester's Sport City area to study the impact of urban regeneration on a large city; particularly the legacy of the 2002 Commonwealth Games and the investment associated with Manchester City Football Club. The visit included a guided tour of the football stadium, as well as a presentation about the history and regeneration of the area. 

Manchester City's changing rooms

Pupils also visited the Velopark, unfortunately they didn't see any of the Team GB in training but they were lucky to see a local club practicing in the velodrome. 

Thank you to Mr Andy Thatcher for organising this school trip which fits in with our 'What about the UK?' element of the Year 7 programme of study as we consider how cities are changing. We believe that 'real-life' experiences such as this allows pupils to better understand the world in which they live, as well as giving them an opportunity to develop fieldwork skills.

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