Year 8 Phoebe's first novel

Year 8 pupil Phoebe has made the most of lockdown by writing the start of her first novel. Phoebe has shown relentless dedication and passion for her English studies by applying the skills she has learned in her lessons to create this wonderful narrative in her own time. Particularly, Phoebe has a flair for charactersation and establishes convincing characters and relationships throughout. Excellent work!   

Here is an extract:

'“My employer, would, yes, would very much like to meet you, miss.” she forced out haltingly, her pursed lips made it difficult to get a coherent sentence out into the room. Still thick with embarrassment, the statement took Lola by surprise and Rae sat up a bit straighter, no doubt imagining that this ‘employer’ was some kind of evil genius from one of her spy stories. Lola wondered why anyone would be interested in meeting her, she was quite ordinary, dull really, but then again, a level of intrigue surfaced inside her, who would be interested?' 

Please click here to read Phoebe's story in full

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