Inspirational Learning

Our highly experienced and dedicated teaching staff provide a curriculum to develop individual confidence, which is taught at a level suitable for every child’s needs. The vast majority of pupils progress to their first choice university; we have a regular flow of Sixth Formers attending highly competitive courses and universities.

Parents are engaged with the learning process from the moment a child starts at Hull Collegiate School. Regular communication about progress and achievements, school news and access to teaching and support staff, provide an open communicative environment between school and home.

The school is fortunate to be situated in the beautiful and historic house and grounds of Tranby Croft. Ongoing financial investment ensures that facilities continue to expand and develop. Sports facilities are approved to Sports England standard and accessible to the wider community.

We also provide inspiring music, art and technology workspaces and, in 2015, a new Independent Learning Centre opened its doors for the first time.

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For me, Hull Collegiate has been a massive part of my life, as I have studied there since I was two years old. I truly believe it has opened up several options for me in my future because of all the opportunities and experiences that the school has given me. The staff have always been very supportive of me, however challenging the task or subject. No matter how many years down the line, I know I will always be able to go back to get help and advice on my future career from the warm, supportive staff.

Georgina Wright, Class of 2015

My time at Hull Collegiate gave me the confidence to do what I wanted to do. Being a part of the Sixth Form was probably the best school experience because it gave me the independence that I needed to be successful at university. Who knows where life will lead; now I’m a police officer for the Metropolitan Police Service.

Sophie Lamb, Class of 2010

Being a Collegian definitely helped shape me to become who I am now, something I’ve realised even more so this past year whilst taking a year out of university to be an intern at L’Oreal. By the time I was in Sixth Form at Hull Collegiate, I quickly noticed how much your relationship changes with all of the teachers. You are seen as an independent individual, who is capable of making their own decisions, but you are also given so many opportunities to take advantage of guidance and help. My time at Collegiate has definitely had a major impact on my work ethic, my confidence, and my determination to do the best that I can in everything I do. These elements of my personality have helped me to thrive at university, working at First Class standard throughout my first and second year, and they also helped me to impress at interviews and gain my recent position at L’Oreal.

Kasia Hunter, Class of 2013